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Retrieving bucket access history via cloudwatch log insights

I recently had the need to secure some S3 buckets so that I could restrict access to only the required principals. I was pretty confident that I knew which principals I need to add to the bucket policy but I wanted to make sure that I didn't omit any roles and break our CI/CD pipeline.

As I had both CloudTrail and Data Events enabled I knew that the information I needed would be in the logs.

After a little bit of experimentation I came up with with this this Cloudwatch Logs Insights query.

fields @message
| filter eventCategory == "Data"
| filter eventSource == ''
| filter requestParameters.bucketName == 'lucas-test-bucket'
| stats count(*) as count by eventSource, eventName, requestParameters.bucketName, userIdentity.sessionContext.sessionIssuer.userName

The query explained

The key parts of the query are as follows

  1. filter eventCategory == "Data" This filters out all non data events such as management events
  2. filter eventSource == '' I'm only concerned with S3 events
  3. filter requestParameters.bucketName == 'lucas-test-bucket' This narrows the results down to a single bucket and probably makes the previous filter clause redundant
  4. stats count(*) as count by This works similarly to DISTINCT in an SQL query and groups the results into unique rows that makes the results much more concise
  5. userIdentity.sessionContext.sessionIssuer.userName This is the name of the role that accessed the bucket and is what I need to add to the bucket policy

As you can see, the following results provide all of the information I need to identify not only which principals accessed the bucket but which operations they performed, allowing me to follow the principle of least privilege when creating the bucket policy.

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